After lengthy professional lives as lawyers in Australia, John retired in 2015 aged 58 and Julie did likewise in January 2018 aged 50.  On 2 February 2018, we left Australia each with a passport, a one way ticket to India and no forward plans other than to see parts of the world we haven’t yet visited (and revisit some old favourites) for as long as, well, until we get tired of it!

This blog is designed to keep a record of those travels and provide a forum for our family, friends and anyone else who’s interested to share some of our experiences.

There will be no ads, and everything we say is just our opinion.  Nothing is for commission or any other kind of payment.

We are fortunate enough to be able to afford to travel comfortably.  You won’t find tips on how to save a few bucks by taking six buses instead of a taxi!  But we do travel independently and we stay, eat and experience places as locally as we can, so our experiences range from the ‘cheap and cheerful’ to higher end where that delivers a unique experience.

Please enjoy.

And now for our next instalment.  We returned to Australia in February 2020 for what we thought would be a short break.  Covid had other ideas.  But after spending 2020 at home and 2021 on several trips in Australia, the travel cats are back to international travel.

Please resume enjoyment!

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