Only in Malta

As we travelled around Malta we noticed a lot of quirky street signs.  Ones we doubt you’d see in other places.  Here are a few.

This one might have made sense if it had been on the beach.  A reference to drifting boats, perhaps.  But it was on a gravel road.  Is it a reference to the Japanese car racing technique made famous in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift?  And if so, does it mean it’s ok to drift cars on the road up to that point?

Some of them were really specific.

Malta is a very religious country.  Even the local council gives the bishop special treatment.

Street parking is tight in Victoria.  An entrepreneurial sign writer has made a fortune selling a standard white-on-red sign which reads  “GARAGE in use day and night.  STRICTLY NO PARKING”.  They are everywhere and appear to be very effective in keeping driveways clear.  But this might be pushing the bounds of credibility.

And even the legit signs aren’t always honoured.

Ok, this one is a shop sign not a street sign.  But it’s such a bizarre combination of  products for a shop to sell, we thought we’d throw it in.  We hope for everyone’s sake they’ve labelled their merchandise clearly.

And lastly some advice for good neighbourly relations.


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