The Turquoise Coast (27 March To 13 April 2018)

After our Lycian Way walk we spent a couple of days in Kas, a lovely town on the coast which we had visited previously in 2014.

It has a beautiful little harbourfront and some great restaurants.  


It was the Turkish town we’d previously found to be very cat-friendly and this time it was much the same.

We were still getting over the Uzbeki flu/Turkmenistan gassing, and with a view this good it was hard to do more than just sit on the balcony.  The sunset view gave Santorini some competition.

We emerged from our torpor just long enough to go to Kalkan, a seaside town further up the coast, for a day.

Then we headed back to Fethiye, where we had stayed before the walk.  It has a fantastic harbour and is home to some very elegant sailing boats.

Then we caught a hydrofoil to Rhodes to begin a dawdle through the Greek islands.

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